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New Products For December

  • Sod - Maped Sensoft Child's Scissors - BLUE ONLY
    There is nothing wrong with these scissors. We're simply overstocked in this colour!Priced to clear! Note: Only the blue/grey handle scissors are on special....
    Price:  $7.50
  • Applique Scissors Famore
    True left-handed applique scissors. Also called duck-bill embroidery scissors. Swan-neck handles to allow the blades to sit flat on your work. 15cm total length. Made in Pakistan with nickel-plate...
    Price:  $25.00
  • Trimming Scissors Famore
    Razor sharp double knife-edge scissors with sharp points for very accurate work. 15.5cm total length. Made in Pakistan with nickel-plated German steel....
    Price:  $28.00