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Featured Products in Stationery

New Products For November

  • Sod - Softie Flex Lefty Ruler - GREEN ONLY
    There is nothing wrong with these rulers. We're simply overstocked in this colour! Priced to clear! Note: Only the green rulers are on special....
    Price:  $3.00
  • Buddy Lefty Twin Sharpener
    Robust plastic sharpener. Blades set for left-handed use only and made to KUM's precise specifications so that the blades stay sharp for a very long time. Perfect for the pencil case! Choose your p...
    Price:  $8.00
  • 3 Step Pencil Grip Kit
    This pack contains one of each of the three grips in the grip correction and training program developed by The Pencil Grip Inc in the USA. Each pack contains one Crossover Pencil Grip, one Pinch Grip...
    Price:  $10.50