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Miscellaneous Stuff

Miscellaneous Stuff

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New Products For March

  • Heat Change Lefty Coffee Mug
    When the mug is cold you simply see "Left Handed Mug" if held in the left hand and nothing if held in the right. If hot however, then additional text appears all round the mug. Fun and inspirational...
    Price:  $16.50
  • Backwards Alarm Clock
    Here is an alarm clock with a difference! Traditional styling. Loud bell-ringing alarm that no-one will sleep through! Night light.Requires 1x AA battery (not supplied)....
    Price:  $44.00
  • Left-handed Watch, Ladies - Silver
    Ladies watch in a silver-coloured casing with a black leather band. Standard clockwise movement but with the spindle at the 9 o'clock position so it doesn't catch on long sleeves. The perfect gift....
    Price:  $49.00